Any mummies can share pasta recipe for 12 mo ?

Any mummies can share pasta recipe for 12 mo ? also, other then pasta what variety of porridge do y’all cook ? Even if baby is not bored yet.. I am ? I usually give on different days salmon, threadfin, white bait, spinach, brocolli, carrot, butternut, pork, chicken, pork, egg tofu, carrot & potatos.

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Macaroni or character-shaped pasta in chicken/ikan bilis soup. Add eggs, meat, vegetables as well.

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i will stirfry with butter, egg, corn, diced tomato and grated cheese on top when im done cooking, then cover the lid.

The trick is to cut the pasta to small pieces for the little one to chew.

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1) Chicken Maccaroni Soup with chopped carrots 2) abc pasta served with tomato sauce a pan fried salmon 3) stir fry tomato maccaroni with broccoli and egg 4) abc pasta soup served with egg drop and spinach

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Ingredients: - 5 to 7 pcs of cherry tomatoes - pcs garlic - salt and pepper Method: - boil the tomato ( medium soft) let it cool down n remove the skin - blend the tomatoes, garlic and add few table spoon of water ( to your preferred) How to cook: - hit a round pan add 1-2 table spoon of butter - add the sauce and slow cook to 20 to 30min - add salt n pepper to taste.