Hi mummies and daddies. Can we eat spicy and sour foodstuff during pregnancy? I have been craving for sour food. Especially those very very sour foods.

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I love all my chillies throughout my pregnancy. Chillipadi in my noodles, Tabasco in my pastas and chilli sauce on my roast chicken. Gaviscon was my best friend, he was there for me everyday #noregrets Try to AVOID lemongrass, especially in Tomyum and some dishes. It may induce early labour and make you feel super lousy also, including the essential oils.

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I avoided spicy food as I don't like the hot sensation in my tummy but didn't avoid sour food.

Yes you can. But just make sure that the heart burn is under control.

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Yes and i had quite alot of hot and sour food throughout my pregnancies

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Same here! But on third trimester I had alot of hot and sour and spicy food. Not First trimester cause nausea and vomit. Not Second trimester cause heart burn.

Definately you can eat what you likes, but dont go overboard.

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Thanks for all the answers. Will eat in moderate portion😄

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U can eat anything except raw, half cooked and herbal stuff.

Yes of cuz can. I eat sambal, chili, laksa, curry

eat whatever you wish to eat but in moderation

Yes but in moderation pls