Sour and spicy food

Anyone crave for sour and spicy food during their pregnancy? Is it OK to eat?

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For me, mostly sour food. I think its okay to have it.. bearing in mind though that it could cause heartburn etc so i limit the intake.

Super Mum

Me too. But i do take in moderation. Cus am afraid of heartburn. Felt once, and i try not to consume too much spicy fd since then.

Yes ok to eat. But don’t eat too much spicy food. As spice can leads to contraction

Yes! Its okay as long in moderation! I took Mala throughout my pregnancy 🤰😆

I do have such craving at time. Just moderate your intake will do :)

Thanks everyone for the reply! I will enjoy in moderation too

Super Mum

At some point i craved gor gu lou yok, sweet sour pork. haha

Yes, I always add a lot of chilli padi in my food 😂

Super Mum

Yes I always craved Tom yum soup! It's OK to eat 😁

Yeah it’s fine to eat in moderation.