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Hi, can we do mask during pregnancy period. Like those apply on clay mask, paper firming mask and hyaluronic acid mask? Are they pregnancy safe?
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Some mummies go all out yo keep a bare face/ skin. But for me.. I feel that its external use, so i don't mind. Makeup also i continue wearing if need be.
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Hi, anyone know is Chinese Po Chai pill safe for pregnant mamie to take? As I having food poisoning. Have seen doctor. Doctor prescribe with charcoal and gastric pain medication but they don’t seem ve
I ate it during my pregnancy and i was fine but u might want to check it with ur gynae
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U have to give it some time for the pain to go away. Have a light meal until u feel no pain. No fried, spicy and sour food. Can take probiotic too.
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Not suitable
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No. Not recommended
Hi mummies and daddies. Can we eat spicy and sour foodstuff during pregnancy? I have been craving for sour food. Especially those very very sour foods.
Yes you can. But just make sure that the heart burn is under control.
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Yes you can eat.
Yes you can.
Eat but in moderation.