Craving for spicy sour food

Anybody had Morning Sickness during first trimester and couldn't imagine eating anything else other than spicy/ sour food? FTM and 7 weeks in, and the only food that give me appetite are tomyum soup, curry chicken, dry mala....😭

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same here, already been so for a few weeks, now on my 9 week. if i dont eat those foods, my body will vomit whatever thing else i ate. any solutions?

Yesss craving for Tom yum! But maybe go for vinegar food in replacement so less spicy!

2y ago

Can I know where did get your sour spicy soup?

Yes I eat more spicy and sour food than before, even coming to third trimester

you can eat abit. dont eat so much as its heatburn inside

same here. but try to have a nutritious diet

better eat less spicy...