morning sickness is not kidding!

Hi team April mummies, I am at week 9 of my pregnancy FTM. Feeling nauseous, exhausted and giddy are stronger than earlier weeks. Got some medicine from doctor but it doesn’t seem help. I have no appetite but when my stomach is empty I feel so sick, only want to eat sour and spicy foods such as sour and spicy fen, mala Xiang guo. How do you manage your morning sickness please share. Thank you 🙏

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Taking naps helped me when i feel nauseous, even if cant sleep even closing my eyes for 15-20mins helped. Try to eat before you start feeling nauseous too. Never had to eat bfast but had to to help with it. Would also be good if you know what are your triggers. Mine was terrible at week 6-8. Week 10 now and it got alot better for me, hope u feel better soon.

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7mo ago

Thank you ❤️

Yes it's one of the most challenging times. Stay strong! I take diclectin every night and hopefully you're not like me, I took the wrong dose. Only took 1 tablet instead of 2 tablets. Food wise, I eat oranges, passion fruit, toast w butter and Yong tau fu. I drink mostly fruit juices and Milo.

Mine was bad at week 8 - 9. I'm on my week 10 now it seems much better 😊 According to the doctor 9 weeks is the peak. Try taking some vitamin B6 it helped me to ease quite a fair bit.

I went ahead to suck on sour candy and it helped tremendously! As long as it’s not too much, heard that it’s still alright in the first trimester! Anything to keep the nausea away

I am only able to manage it because of diclectin medicine. Otherwise i will be like u. I drink lots of 100 plus too it seems to help for my nausea.

I took butter crackers and small meals. And lots of soda drinks to curb the nauseous. Sometimes is just bloatness. Hahaha. U might wanna try. 🥰

Reduce carbohydrates intake helps me cope with bloating. Try salty lemon candy and sour plum to get rid of nausea when trying to focus on work.

Me too I feel sick everyday and still needing to power through working 😭

usually i take sour plum and dried orange peels. it helps me though

Oranges/ orange juice helped for me!