Maternity Leave

Any Mummies here continued their AL or took unpaid leave after the 4-mths maternity leave? My EDD is in July and was thinking if it’s worth taking an extra 2 months off work so as to begin work in 2021 instead, and also send my LO to infant care in Jan.

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Super Mum

I’m taking an extra 8 months. Financially it seems like a big sacrifice, but so far, I think it’s been really worth it. My husband and I are the only ones taking care of our 2 children.

2y ago

Such pleasant parenting skills! I really admire how you manage the family between yourselves without getting an extra hand to help either. I’m going to be a first-time mum and already worrying if I could cope by the time I give birth! (what more with a not-so-helpful and judgemental MIL) 😅

Super Mum

I’m taking extra one month