Going back to work

Hi working mummies.. i have to go back to work after 2 months maternity leave.. planning to send my little one to infant care. How do you handle the separation? I cant even bring myself to go through with the registration process as i am so sad to leave her at the pre-school when she is only 2 months old..

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I had separation anxiety too! But my gal was alr 5mths when she go ifc (no slot..).. so the whole time i was alone taking care of her with no help. The wk before she went sch, on n off i was tearing and hugging her (sounds very exaggerating). I know going ifc is also for her own gd coz she gets to learn n play in sch. So when she finally started sch, after dropping her off, i was crying even on my way home n at home. But when the teachers uploaded pictures that day, i was happy she was enjoying herself.. And also on the first day of school she was actually there for full day 🤭

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it’s all about the mentality.. you have to tell yourself it’s better for you and LO and you’ll both get through it together :) can look forward to new routine together, such as bathing her before she sleeps