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Hi mummies! It's been day 5 since my baby is born and my milk supply whenever I pumped is at roughly 10ml or this considered ok or too little milk for a start? I breastfeed my baby and give him formula to supplement as well.

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Latch on is the best way to slowly increase feed. My suggestion is BM by syringe feed + latch on. I have very high protein diet (fenugreek supplement [3 tablet, 2-3times per day]+ oat milk drink x2/day) My BM went from 10mL to 30mL and D7/8 is around 60-80 mL per 30 min express. Size of the flange is very important!

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Drink lots of fluid and don’t stress. If you can, don’t supplement with formula. Babies stomachs are really small. Just latch on demand, so your supply will increase

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So true! Work on a good latch, this will help the best with your supply. If you’re struggling to latch do seek out the support of a lactation consultant. It changed my journey from express pumping to only direct latch, it’s really much easier

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It’s ok:) drink loads of fluids, eat well and keep pumping regularly. More will come soon:) every mum’s supply is different.

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I have that amount at day 5 too. Dont give up and dont need to stock up so much formula milk. It will increase gradually.

Not all will increase. I pumped for 4mths still less than 50ml every 3 hrly until I gave up.

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It’s ok. Enough for your LO’s tiny stomach. Your supply will increase over the next few days.

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Look for support group with other mummies if you need to talk to others and stay low

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It’s normal. Slowly it will increase. Please do continue to drink more fluid

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10ml is over how many hours? Latch baby often to build supply.


Easily stressed so didnt have much to give