Hi mummies. Anyone tried to drink milo to increase milk supply? Read some online forums that it actually helps. TIA!

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Not sure if it’s truly because of milo, but liquids are crucial in maintaining the milk supply, and drinking milk boosts your calcium levels, so why not?:) (I was told we need about 3L of fluids a day while breastfeeding)

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Yes milo or any oatmeal drinks do help boost my supply. I heard from some people drinking milk also helps. Everyone is different so do experiments and find out what works for you

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I did drink milo, still do. But I always put oats in, which is also a galactagogue so not sure which one is actually doing the job. Just make sure it isn’t too sweet...

Not really as it depends on individual. U can consider taking fenugreek or green papaya fish soup to boost supply. Must also drink more water.

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Depands i think. I direct latch all the time so idk if there's any i crease in supply or no 😂 i drink milo 1 cup day and 1 cup night

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It doesn’t really work for my case. Can try fenugreek supplements and most important is to drink more water as well.

My milk booster is Milo with oats. Keep the calories low by not adding sugar or milk.

yes it helps for me! lactation cookies too :)

It has helped some of my friends. Worth a try

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It’s a hit or miss. Similarly to fenugreek