Postpartum depression?

Hi mummies... ive been a mom for 6months now and isit just me or im having a postpartum depression? Look, im a working mum (12hrs shift). Sometimes when im back from work and trying my best to be there for my son, i managed to entertain him for few hours, thats if he is still awake. And ive never say to my husband, "im tired". Until one day i told him my head hurts badly and im just tired.. and he says "im tired too." Okay man. I know ure tired working 12hr shift as well, but im trying hard here. Everytime when coming back frm home, he sometimes give me that wtf kind of look. It annoys me so much. Like come on man whats with the attitude. And i tend to feel easily getting way way way more emotions then ever. I cried when hes not around me, i cried looking at my son, i cried telling myself im not a good mum. It just getting out of hand sometimes. Any idea if this is postpartum depression mummies? ##firsttimemom #ftm #postpartrumdepression

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I dont think it is post partum depression but rather you want to feel seen. I think all mummies want that. And therefore you and husband need to sit down and talk. You both are in this together. Need to support each other emotionally and physically. Need to tag team. Need to keep each other happy by understanding each others need. Hence need to talk it out. Tell him you love him, and that you cn be a muchhh better mummy if he cn support you by being thr for you. Happy mummy happy baby happy family. Not everyone cn have a baby. So jz give your best in everything. 💕

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First of all, i wish i could slap that bloody face of his. Haha I’m just kidding. He better be thankful that you are contributing to the income as well when it is not needed in Islam. It’s his responsibility to provide fully. Even taking care of the baby is a husband’s responsibility. But we shouldn’t dwell on that too much as we want all to be running smoothly. So just talk to him and ask where is the love that you once had before marriage etc. how he tried his best to tackle you etc. rekindle back the love and be kind to each other.

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you should speak with your husband on your feelings. at the end of it, whether post partum depression or not, baby is his too. it's a team effort, speak with him and tell him how you feel. you might be surprised to see him taking part more after the chat.