Pregnancy and exercise allowed?

Hi all, my mother and MIL don’t allow me to exercise at all. Said it’s dangerous for baby. Used to be very active (6 times a week intensive exercise) pre-pregnancy but now I feel so useless and unfit. How to convince them to let me exercise?

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Big hugs! That must be a terrible feeling. I agree with getting the go-ahead from your gynae and tell her when your doctor gives the clearance. If you are okay, and if she wants to, can bring her to the clinic so that the doctor tells her directly. If you've been active since pre-preg, I honestly don't see why you can't resume, unless there is a contraindication from your gynae. I did plenty of exercises since I found out from week 4 but I reduced the intensity and rested whenever I'm out of breath or dizzy (which happens in pregnancy). My gynae only said to avoid high impact activities, like those that involve jumping. I did a mix of circuit training, yoga, swimming, badminton, etc.. I also used small weights for strength training. First tri I continued with badminton but stopped when it was harder to balance and might risk falling over on the court. I did yoga exclusively from week 34 cause it was too difficult to do anything else. You'd know when to taper your activities, just listen to your body :) My baby girl is healthy and was born one day before EDD. Exercise really helped me to prevent aches during pregnancy and I lost 80% of my preg weight within the first month and another 10% by second month. I agree you'd feel better with some exercises. Hope you get to exercise soon!

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I used to be like u. Workout 6 weeks per week HIIT. But due to pregnancy complication, i was told by my gynae to stop exercise entirely. Overall, it really depend on your body condition as well as an approval from gynae. If everything seem ok for u, i think is still fine to exercise. Preferably you might want to fine tune your workout (not too intensive) eg switch to yoga or pilates. Take this opportunity to explore a variety of exercises. It will benefit your baby and your health throughout your pregnancy journey. :)

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My SIL still doing hiit during 1st trimester and weight training until delivery. She bounces back real quick. Baby is super healthy and cute. I guess it depends on the fitness level of each person pre-pregnancy. If you are the kind of really fit then I don’t think its a problem. My doctor allowed me to continue hiit because ive been doing it for more than a year. Just know your limit and listen more to your body this time round

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Will it help if you get clearance from your gynae on your intended exercise regime, then explain to them? They might be worried about the type of exercise you intend to do, and how vigorous it is. If the gynae clears you, you can explain to them that it is manageable for you. Can also use the doc's words to convince them that its not good to stop all forms of exercise too.

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I think it varies person to person. I ever ran a marathon and the second runner up was a 5 months preggo, I believe she is an experienced runner so her body could take it. Best person to advice is your Gynae, please seek clearance before doing any exercise

Get clearance from gynae. Also first trimester is really critical. It is when the placenta is forming. My gynae disallow me to do exercise too until 2nd trimester.

Been doing muay thai all the way till 33.5wks. Just need to adjust the intensity accordingly. Feels better to exercise than be a couch potato

As long as gynae allows i think there is no reason to need to convince them otherwise!