my one month old baby boy seems to have insatiable appetite. i had just nursed him for 30 mins and he still wants more 10 mins after. my milk seems to be enough for the first few weeks, but as he hits the 1 month mark, he kept tugging at my nipple as if there's not enough. i squeezed and there's still milk so i don't know what's the problem. he's 5 kg as of now, and wetting his diapers and pooping frequently. is this normal? anyone facing the same situation?

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Org2 tua call it nk bergayut 😅🤣same laa dgn mine. Tp diorg ckp jgn di ajar slalu nt susah nk buat keje 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️practice bg isap pacifier skali skala tp dia tetap cri my nipple. Dpt letak mulut kat situ terus pejam mata n mulut bergerak

He's probably having a growth spurt! Dont be surprised if he suddenly outgrows his newborn clothes. My girl did the same and she gained one kilogram in two weeks! 😁

Same with my baby. Sometimes he dont really want to drink but probably just soothing himself to sleep so i just let him be as long tak nangis

Normal mumy.. Mcm baby sy jg.. Mau mengempeng saja org bilang..hehe... Nnt lama2 tdk sedar mbesar sd tu badan bby..hehe..mmg kuat susu..😁

Baby sebulan mmg like that.. Dia nk bonding ngan mummy. Anak sy dh 2 bln pn masih lg kerap bf. Kne byk sabar ye, mummy.

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it's normal... smakin bsar baby smakin bnyk dia nak mnum Susu ...

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ok terima kasih.. sbb rasa mcm dia asyik nak melekap je smpai x boleh buat kerja..

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It's normal... Esp for 1 month old baby.