Which stretch mark cream/oil?

Which stretch mark cream or oil is good to prevent stretch mark during pregnancy? Bio oil, palmers stretch mark cream. Or palmers skin therapy oil?

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Stretch marks is genetic though. If your mum had them then you’ll most likely get them too regardless of whether you apply stretch marks creams or not. But not to worry aft pregnancy they shld go down considerably. (:

i don't use any specific creams for it .. when i got pregnant at 5 weeks i started to use Nivea for super dry skin everyday, now im 27 weeks no stretch mark at all .. hoping it stays that way ..

All works fine. I used Palmers Stretch mark cream Bio Oil known to be good but I am allergic to it. Can start early but belly will start stretching at 2nd trimester and like crazy at 3rd.


bio oil for me! at week 27, no stretch marks so far apply every night since 2nd trimester

Palmer and I have no stretch marks so far, at week 36 now


Clarins pregnancy set works well for me 🙂