Stretch mark cream and oil

How soon do I need start to use strectch mark cream and oil? Any good brands to recommend?

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I had the same concern few weeks ago. Many suggested Bio oil, Palmer's cocoa butter, and Mustela. Mustela is a little expensive one compared to other 2. I went with Palmer's since it's my first trial. I may mostly switch to Bio oil during my 3rd trimester. Also I read that stretch marks is genetic. so the creams would just help only to some extent.

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Bio oil, mustela and palmers(heard Clarins also good but exp). I started applying closer to trimester 2 when belly started showing and using them even more frequently in trimester 3.

you should start using bio oil from first trimester onwards. after birth you can consider getting the pic i attached it works very well on me, now my stretch marks are gone

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Been using Mustela since week 5 or 6, before belly even started showing. Am at 31 weeks now and no stretch marks till date!

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Start early from first tri. My colleague recommended clarins tonic oil, it rly prevents stretch mark. However it’s v ex

Of course it is Bio oil !! Cheap and good (: can start using it from 2nd tri onwards

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I would recommend to start using cream early. Popular brand is Mustela

Clarins cream

Bio oil