Can I rent toys for my baby? If so, where can I rent from?He gets sick of his toys very quickly and I was thinking that I can rent toys for him rather than buying.

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There are a few toy rental companies in Singapore. These are some I've found. Toys4Rent ($38 for 21 days rental of an exersaucer) North East Toy Library Toy Rental Club ($50 for a month's rental of an exersaucer) Preloved exersaucers go for as low as $50 on the second hand market. Therefore, you may find that it may be more economical to purchase certain pre-loved items than to rent the toy. You can always resell the toy after your child has grown out of it.

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Here's a few links that I've been checking out lately. So far, Rent-That-Toy has been very prompy and helpful while attending to my enquiries.

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