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Any mommies stay at home but kids put at full day childcare ?? And why?

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Me! Okay, I work from home but my working hours are flexible so I guess it's the same? Hehe. I sent my son to full-day childcare for a few reasons: 1) He needs to learn the social skills, he has isolated speech delay so he gets frustrated with other kids who talk/babble a lot and always ends up crying 2) He needs better use of his time, there's only a limit I can teach him at home due to financial constraints - and YouTube is not a good teacher/companion (he was watching long hours especially when I am out for meetings and grandparents look after him) 3) He could make friends in childcare, we don't have any other parents who do play dates together and the places we go are usually quiet because we go on weekdays when everyone is in school/at work 4) I needed more time to look after myself and run errands, was frequently having burnouts before

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I did that too. I placed my kids in the school as I do not have any other means of help. It is easier for me when I need to go for my last minute freelance job or to bring my firstborn for her class. I agreed with Ling too, I personally feel it is better for them to learn to interact with other children of their ages then staying at home to pass time even though I did do some learning with them at home.

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Yes me. I put my kids in school because I have no other means of help. On top of that they need to go to school and interact with others rather than being trapped at home with me it's better when there is a routine for them at school and peers their age.

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Its good for them to go to school so they can learn and interact. I can find some home base jobs while i run some errands at home.

Both my kids are in school. School is okay time for them. During this time I run errands and have self care .

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Good for the kids to learn something from school and to socialise with other kids

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Me!!! Sahm need sanity too, right?

This will be costly.

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