Stay at home moms, do you dress down or dress up at home? Why? :-)

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I dress down most of the time. Aside from it being more comfortable, I also do not have the energy or the time to dress up since I have to juggle doing the household chores and looking after my 3 kids (all under the age of 6), with no househelp. However, it is encouraged that we mommas ought to make an effort to look good for our husbands. :)

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I used to dress down for the last 8 yrs. however I hv changed. Now I will do make up once I woke up in the morning, even though I m a SAHM. I feel better too. Dressing down will make u gain weight.. That is way happened to me. Now that I dress up... I can see that I lost some weight without dieting

I try my very best to still look good for my husband so sometimes I try to dress up when I'm in the mood :) but MOST of the time I just wear whatever clothes I am comfortable with or whatever it is that's available. The most important thing is that there's still that self-confidence in you that you need to show :)

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it all depend on my mood that day. I was and am still a vain person. I used to doll up everyday when I was in the work force last time. I dress up once in a while to make myself happy. I find this is important and it will brighten up my day!

i dress down because it feels more comfortable. if u are breastfeeding, its even better just wear a normal t shirt so that you can just lift your top up and let baby latch on. It saves time & your time can be utilised more efficiently.

I usually dress down because seriously, I need to be comfortable while I take care of the household matters at home. I have no more time to fix myself too fancy. Haha! But of course, it's different whenever we go out :D

House clothes. :) I breastfeed my 2 kids so it's obviously a lot more comfortable for me if I wear loose clothing. I can't afford to dress up because I need to put my kids to bed any time so useless if I dress up.

I dress down most of the time. Being a mother for 3 toddlers and 1 newborn, I am too busy to take care of them. If I have date or went out with husband, I will put on slight make up and wear nicely. :)

Dressing down isn't for me. I usually wear something comfortable that peps me up too when I see myself in the mirror. That doesn't mean I dress up, just a little bit ready to answer to doorbell at all times.

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Same here. I stay at home but I have to clothe myself comfortably yet nicely since I interact with other people daily. And I just don't want to feel "losyang".

i wear whatever i want as long im always wearing cologne or look when mu husband sees me...and he hugs or cuddling least im prepared..hahahah...