Hi mommies, I have this very fast transition of Yayas due to different reasons. Some were asked by husband to go home and quit working. Some preferred to go to Manila for a job. Some, unhealthy to take are my baby etc... with this recurring problem I am now making up my end to end my work this december to be a full time mom and stop my Yaya problem. My husband owns a meat shop and I am a government contractual employee. My mom and sister advised me not to quit my job and be patient to look for a good trustworthy Yaya for my son. But I am very tired. I cannot attend to some urgent concerns in the office because I am tied to domestic concerns> i am also in the edge of quitting my online studies because of lack of time. A piece of advise is much appreciated. Thanks u. :)

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Hi, I guess, you need to relax first because if there are too many things going in the mind and you are not in the nest of your mental state then you are prone to make wrong decisions. I suggest, if possible, take a couple of days of break from everything and calmly sit down and discuss the problem with your husband, with someone whose advice you always seek, and then try to brainstorm to come to a solution. Anxiousness will only lead to more troubles. So, relax and calm down first, and then look for solutions.

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I have already talked this to my husband and he is supportive of it. I really do not trust Yayas alone with my son. I am paranoid every time I am away for work and my husband also is busy with his business. I think I am 70 % decided to quit my job but I fear to feel self-pity losing my job. Hmm

Hey, I think that the problem that you are facing is not just yours. After all, the money that you will get after working will be for the family as a whole, so I think your husband too should take an active part in resolving the issue. I think, you and your husband must sit together and chalk out plans and see what suits best for you right now.

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