Brown Spotting/ Bleeding

Good morning mga momsh ☺️ I want to share this and also need some advice. I am 23 weeks today, Last monday morning when i pee, i have this blood discharge. I contacted my OB and immediately asked me to go to the clinic. She did an ie and the good thing is my cervix is closed. She gave me this isoxilan for 7 days, and i am taking this 3x a day and i am in a complete bed rest. But my discharge wont go away, everytime I pee in the morning, I always have this brown discharge, sometimes it becomes light red. But most of the time brown. Prior to this experience, I been too busy doing household chores myself to the point that i felt so very tired. When i said that to my OB, she suspected thats the reason of my spotting/bleeding. My baby is very active inside ky tummy, but still worried because until now (1week) i still have this problem. What should i do?

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Ako nung nag spotting pina ultra sound kagad ako para makita si baby kung ok sa case ko naman kumikiskiss si baby sa uterus ko.. Pero still binigyan nya ako nga pamoakapit na dupaston 3x a day for 1 week dn.. Den aun 1 week nakahiga lang ako.. Thank god at ok naman na ako.. Balik kau kay ob mami.. Baka reaetahan kau ng bago

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same here!

hello sis nagka spotting din ako may small amount of blood nung nag wipe ako then pag ihi ko ulet wala na sya.. hnd nmn nag tuloy tuloy eh kaka pa ultrasound ko plang after the day na nag spotting ako. is it normal kaya? 10 weeks preggy ..

mzta na momsh??