Hi mommies, I have this very fast transition of Yayas due to different reasons. Some were asked by husband to go home and quit working. Some preferred to go to Manila for a job. Some, unhealthy to take are my baby etc... with this recurring problem I am now making up my end to end my work this december to be a full time mom and stop my Yaya problem. My husband owns a meat shop and I am a government contractual employee. My mom and sister advised me not to quit my job and be patient to look for a good trustworthy Yaya for my son. But I am very tired. I cannot attend to some urgent concerns in the office because I am tied to domestic concerns> i am also in the edge of quitting my online studies because of lack of time. A piece of advise is much appreciated. Thanks u. :)

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If it's a concern then you have to talk with your husband about it. Also, pray for it. Before I delivered our baby my husband and I agreed that I'll be taking care of our child, I'm a bit hesitant to this because I'm the breadwinner of our family and I still give them some of my salary even when I got married. Fast forward, being a full time mom is a more worthy priceless job I ever had because you'll see the development and how your baby grow. If you think your husband can sustain your family and he agreed on you quitting the job then go. Decision is between you and your husband only, don't mind the relatives I've been there too but you have your own family already so you have to prioritize them.

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I am in the same situation as you since a year or two ago. There seems to be a shortage of professional yaya's. And as much as I want to do better at work, I couldn't because my family is my priority. Meantime, my work suffers. I had been very active at work before and I am frustrated that my work image could already be

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Discuss with your husband especially the financial matters. There may be some adjustments especially in the budget but if you really can't find a helper, then you really can consider resigning. Unless someone in your family or your husband's family would want to take care of your daughter so you can work.

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Thank you Ms. karla for your sharing. I have 2 nannies now for my son but I always feel anxious about my child's safety and care. (Kanina lang instead na asin, oxalic ang nahalo sa sabaw na pinakain kay baby--kaya ngayun for observation daw sabi ni doc) hay tsk. I also feel guilty that I cannot devote my time for his early childhood development kasi most of the time kasama nya yay lang. :(

I think you need some time for your self to think about things through. Maybe you're being overwhelmed by the events in your life right now. It would actually be better if you can have an alone time with your husband to discuss your game plan for the situation :)

Before talking to your husband, I advise that you think things over first. Weigh the pros and cons of whatever decision you're going to make then see how your husband would react to it.

Mag online ka sis. bantay mo c baby plus may income ka