Safe To use Phone For A Few Hours At Once?

Hi mommies, I am 30weeks pregnant I read an articles that said not safe to use phone as it can affect the baby. I am getting worried bcos I have been using my phone a lot due to work. Anyone use phone during pregnant and how is the child behaviour?

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So far my four pregnancy has no problem related to the phone issue. Well its not abt the phone that control ur child behaviour. Its from you to give them love and discipline. My four boys turn out okay . Dont worry too much..


I'm a heavy user because I work alot on phone. Just don't use near the tummy. But if u want to avoid there is alot of things to avoid like TV, cinema movie screen etc.

Is okay to use phone. But you need to moderate the screen time for your baby after he or she is born

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i think it's still safe but you can try minimize the usage if it's a big concern

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I did use.. maybe not too close to the tummy

Everything in moderation

It will be fine :)

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It’s ok.

It's fine

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Should b fine