teaching your toddler/baby to brush their teeth

Hi mommies, how do you teach ur kids? my boy already 20 months but so difficult to teach him, till i force also cant help. sometimes i get a towel and just wipes but so hard also

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For my case. I show them how I brush everytime.. And gave them one toothbrush with no toothpaste.. Then they mimik what I do.. I make it fun la.. Slowly put a bit of toothpaste and wallaaaa... Boleh dah.. But patience is virtue.. Hahaa

3y ago

anak I pun slow berckp.. tapi kits kena confidence dgn anak a

yaa , bgi jer diaorg berus gg kosong & srh dia org tgk gelagat kita . hari2 bnda yg sma , lma2 diaorg akn biasa & akn mnta letak kn ubt gg . keep tryingg mum , jgn ptus asa 💪🏼

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i pulak.. kena nyanyi2 like lagu kegemaran my son.. sambil brush sambil nyanyi.. this is the way we brush our teeth .. brush our teeth.. hahaha ..

3y ago

oh nyanyi2 pon dah try dia buat bodo n focus tutup mulut dia ketat2 hahahaha adoiiiiii

like i do with my kids, when brush teeth i like to play like open your mouth say aaaa and eee.. its worked for my kids.

3y ago

yaaa , true . say aaaaa eeeee . confirm buka muluttt