need support mentally

hello mom, currently im 20 weeks 5 days. last two day i check for my cervical length 1.78cm it to short for normal pregnancy, as now i admit GH . they do not want to perform cervical cerlage as my vigina got a lot of white discharge, they will perform if my discharge getting treated. right now im need a moral support mentally and physically. this is my second pregnancy. the first prengancy misscriage in second Trimester.

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Hi mommy. Stop eating sweet food for a while, it will lessen the white discharge. I hope you'll be able to do the procedure real soon! But if cannot be done, just remember any way of giving birth is okay as long mommy n baby is fine. Jangan sedih2. Happy mommy=happy baby ❤️❤️❤️

Ermmm same goes to me . Now i 22 week twin pregnancy and my cervical length only left 1.15cm . Next week i will do cervical cerclage . Pray for me too .. im scared to lost my twin 😭

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Do ur twin saved?

Hi sis .. banyakkan bedrest okay .. jangan byk bergerak sgt.. inshaAllah semuanya baik2 shj..

stay stronger,and always think positive,u can do it, just another 19weeks ahead💪

stay strong mommy.

stay strong yah😘❤

Stay strong mum...

keep strong mommy

Keep strong ya..

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Stay strong okay