Milestone paranoia - I am always worried if baby has reached milestones on time. How do I deal with it?

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Yes . I am also worried like u , coz my boy mike stone is delayed in all the ways .. sitting walking talking , now he completed 3 n just started talking, finally he reaches to one more mile stone .. so don’t worry don’t compare with other kids .. each kid is different.. so just enjoy the phase

Well worrying about it will not make things any better. All you can do is ensure optimal nutrition for your little one, and provide the experiences needed for your child’s growth and development.

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Believe in yourself and trust your mother instinct. Every baby's develop at their own phase. But there is a limit that we will know if it's slow or there IS a problem

different child develop at different pace. raise your concern to the doctor during the next routine check. if you are still worried, visit the PD for advice.

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Understand and accept that all children grow and develop at their own pace, and that no two kids (even siblings/twins) are the same!

I always read and google to give me assurance. And as long as nothing is raised during the check up I'll take that as a good thing

Worrying will not help anything and every child grow at their own pace. Just relax and trust your child

You should definitely read the articles on their website. They have detailed milestones for every age.

Adjust your mindset. Of you are able to counter your own thoughts you would feel better

Relax mummy. Every child is different and unique in their own ways.