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How do I deal with a child who is always always always hungry?

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I'd choose always hungry over poor appetite anyday! If the kid is hungry, just feed and feed and feed. For me, that's a happy problem :) but be mindful, though, if the child's weight still falls on the normal range. If not, then that's a different story.

You just have to prepare 3 full meals a day which includes all the basic food groups- protein, fats and carbohydrates. Try to avoid snacking and if you must, give nuts and fruits instead of food with empty calories like sodas and candies.

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But I also think that it’s ok to give them smaller meals. Because their stomach is still developing and still small, you don’t want to over feed them with big meals. Rather, I choose to give my kids smaller meals.

I guess just feed him/her. If that's what the kid's body signals as a need, it's best to satisfy and not to deprive. Maybe the kid's appetite is just really that big.

Is your toddler a boy? Then that's just normal. Boys are always hungry. But if it really concerns you get him checked for possible de-worming.

If your child is physically active, that's normal. Feed him frequently in small portions. Just avoid junkfood. Crackers and milk are fine.

educate them in a way na there is proper time for meals :) Disciple also follows :)

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Give them smaller meal, & healthy snack like fruits