Wanna feel the baby.

Maybe I'm just paranoid, coz I'm feeling the body changes but Don't really feel the baby. Gynae says everything is fine.... I'm almost 12 weeks now. Is it normal to feel this way?

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I know that feeling but baby is still small at this stage, hence u won't be able to feel anything! Dont worry just relax and wait for gynae visits to see baby through ultrasound :)

No worries! Most people starts feeling baby at week 16. I only felt baby at week 22! Trust the gynae that baby is fine and look forward to the baby movement! :))

Yes. To make yourself feel better, feed yourself with good food so at least you know the baby is getting the good nutrients.

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It’s still too early 😄 Wait till about 20 weeks and your baby will play with you a lot. 😂

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No worry mummy :) its normal. I only started to feel my baby kick at 19 weeks :D

Im on my 17th week and i dont feel anything yet except from all day sickness!

Yes still early to feel baby.. can only wait patiently for the next scan

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dont worry! you will feel it when it started to kick :))))


I don't feel the baby too, till im week 18

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You will feel your baby around week 19.