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brown discharge
I am 11 weeks pregnant. Is it normal to have brown discharge?
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Better to take pic of the discharge and frequency, show your gynas
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better to check w ur Dr
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No please see your gynae ASAP. I had and was told it was threaten abortion.
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No dear. Pls see ur gynae to have a peace of mind.
Please see your doctor soon.
Did anyone do NIPT test in NUH before? How much before subsidies?
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If u go private, about 1000
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Should be about 300-400.
NIPT or Oscar?
Should i go for NIPT or Oscar? NIPT is S$1200 and Oscar is S$400? I am 33 this year. What do you girls think?
31 yrs old, we decided to go for NIPT. My sis-in-law was 27 when she was pregnant and did the OSCAR, results came back medium risk. So it’s up to you.
I went for Oscar at 25, as Oscar can also scan for other defects when they look for the neck and nose bridge. The doc recommended Oscar as it has 90% accuracy for chromosomal aberrations and also allo
I'm 25 this year and went for NIPT. Totally no regret though it was quite pricey.
In a same dilemma as u.. but was thinking to just take the basic which is OSCAR. Gynae said if got money to spare then take harmony lol. I think the wait for harmony is 2-3weeks, oscar is immediately?
no more sore breast
I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and my breast is not as sore as before. Is it normal?
Normal. Everyone's pregnancy symptoms are different
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No issue