Need advice for rice cereal with formula milk

How do you mix rice cereal with formula for 4mo to ensure they have a full feed? So my LO always drink 150ml, so should I make 120ml formula + 30ml of rice cereal? Thanks

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Super Mum

I always feed formula milk first, and then if my LO doesn’t finish it, I use the excess to make cereal. (After 6mo, I also use water to make the cereal). If you’re just starting out, and especially at 4 months, milk should still be the mainstay of nutrition. You also don’t know if baby will be able to finish the cereal. When you start out, you should give a few spoons’ worth of cereal, 1x/day. Then gradually increase. So perhaps, give baby the 150ml of milk, then make a little bit more milk to make cereal. When you start increasing the amount of cereal you give, then decrease the volume of milk.

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