Bottle feed rice cereal.

Hi, Do you bottle feed rice cereal instead of spoon . Baby going to turn 6 months so has been trying to add some rice cereal to her formula. Thanks!

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Using a spoon as babies can differentiate between solid and milk intake .

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To each it’s own

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I started giving rice cereal at 4 months via bottle with a Y teat

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yes you can that's how we are bought up too. hope my post helps. and rmb add rice cereal if you're adding oat you need to cut the teats.

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Don't think it's possible, all the small bits will get stuck because the teat holes are very small. And baby needs to differentiate different textures. Just feed with a spoon

Better use spoon to feed.

better use spoon to that your lo can learn to differentiate between solid food and liquid food (:

I mixed formula to rice cereal when i started solid food to my baby. but i used spoon to feed her.