Introducing rice cereal to baby

Can I start introducing rice cereal to my 4 months old baby? It seem that the recommended time is at 6 months old... How and when can I start? Any recommendation for the type of rice cereal?

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Did your PD advice you to introduce rice cereal to your LO? My LO started rejecting milk at 4 months old and PD advice to slowly introduce solid to him. (LO was sick of drinking milk and had show interest in the food we eat😂) PD recommend CERELAC BROWN RICE OR RICE. You can buy a small tin to try out first. Not many baby can accept the taste. My LO prefer the vegetable version instead. The consistency for the rice cereal is quite thick so you might want to add abit of rice cereal in the FM or BM first. Slowly build up the consistency and feed your baby with spoon. By the way, can your LO hold his head and sit upright?

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Starting solids too early may lead to higher risk of allergic reactions unless it’s recommended by the doctor. Also, a baby is ready to start solids when he can sit up unsupported, lose the tongue thrust reflex etc. This is usually in the 5th or 6th month onwards. I started my kid on Gerber organic oatmeal cereal. Always try 1 food at a time for 3 days to see if your baby is allergic.

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My baby started eating “solid” at 5mos with pd approval. Puréed veggies like 1 -2tsp once a day. Still main source of nutrition is her milk.

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Not yet. Yes. Recommended is 6 months You have to consult by PD first. If your PD says ok to 4 months then you can start.

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I only started rice cereal after 6 Mo as I'm scared of choking. I made it more diluted at the start.

No, formula or breast milk should be the primary source of nutrition for babies under 6 months.

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I started my kids at 6 months tho pd said ok to start at 5 months.


I only gave rice cereal to my baby when she's 5 month old

I started at first day of fifth month. Rice cereal...

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Recommended to start solids from 6 months onwards.