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My LO is 5weeks old. now every night slept at around 12plus 1am. Tried to make his sleep earlier but he still open eyes big. If not when he asleep put to cot tyhen wake up le.. Help needed? How to adjust his timing to sleep earlier?

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the other day my LO not sleeping since morning, until 11pm, she only sleeps like 5 minutes for about 3 times in the afternoon, keep waking up and not sleeping again, usuallywhen my hubs come home he will try to carry and soothes her until she falls asleep, but that day he gave up cos almost 11.30pm she still very fussy, then I body wearing her (using like sollybaby, boba or moby), wrap her to my body, u can check online, she sleeps not long after that, I wait for awhile until she's in deep sleep then put her to her cot and luckily she's not waking up until her next feed. so body wearing sometimes can be a life saver

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It’s very normal . Can’t really do much to change their sleeping time unless they want to . Try letting them spend more energy during they day moving around or let them stand up rather than sitting down the whole day .

Same for my LO, I tried on-Ing dim light and swing and pat him. Gave him pacifier and let him be in room at 9pm

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Is it because LO sleep too much during day time? If yes probably can try shorten LO sleep hour during day time?

3y ago

He only took 3times one hr nap in the day which is consider short.

It’s just the start haha it’s normal, it’s tough but you will get over it(:

I feel that this is a phase. It will be over 😀

Swaddle him up?

3y ago

Tried.. But still can help him sleep