how can I get my little one to sleep in his cot? He is 2 mths plus now..he likes to sleep on me and if I put him in his cot he will wake up and cry if not he will sleep for a short while and wakes up...

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Try the feber method. It worked for me. Set a routine for baby each evening. Place baby in his cot half drowsy. If he wakes up and cry again, you will need to keep repearting the process. Babies are all about routine and consistency. You can check on baby lets say every 5 mins for a start, subsequently the time increases. Do not carry him immediately when he cries, instead try to out your hands on his chest or even gently tell him that you are there. I did it for my first born. Now with my second born, i have decided to let him grow at his pace, whenever he is comfortable. It would be a better option for you to try it out when he is 3months old instead. Afterall babies only way of communication is via crying. There is no way that n infant can be spoiled. It is the routine not the child. Just my two cents, to each its own.

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8y ago

thanks mummy I will try the method

This is quite common as this happens to all my 4 kids. I co sleep with all 4 kids from baby till at least 1.5 years of age.

8y ago

Thanks mummy...I enjoy co sleeping with him just that u know older generation pple will say is not good...