my lo doesn't smile to me.... but she smile to my mil.....

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Is your mil the primary caretaker? Don't worry, they will change in time. My girl used to adore my mum (when she was a newborn) and my mum is the only one who can make get giggle and smile. But that's because she's taken care of By my mum and she spent so much time on with her. Now my girl is sticky to me!

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Don’t worry momma they will keep on change their mood swings time to time .. it’s ur mil time now .. but u show more affection hugs kisses just let her feel like u r more secure n happy with her .. I can’t understand how it’s pinching don’t worry.. be positive n try hard ..

Maybe you can try to do some baby talk to your LO? They tend to like it when people talk to them softly and maybe with a very interesting tone. Try different tone of voice to find out which one he/she prefers so you can get her attention more. (:

Don’t be disheartened mummy. Could it be that she feels more safe with your mil? Is she more wary with you? Does your mil give in more to what she wants? Think about it and see how you can work things out :)


Please don't worry about it. Your baby probably associates you with comfort as you take care of nap time and feeding? If baby spends more time with your MIL playing, maybe you can try playing as well?

Is it because mil spends more time with your Lo? If so... start making effort to spend quality time with her.. my sis gets this too aa she is a working mom...


Kids change moods through time. Don’t worry about current situation. You’ll eventually get blessed with your lo smile soon enough!

Maybe you need to spend more time with your LO so that she will remember you and smile back. Try to have more play time with her too.

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Hi... don’t worry. Your LO will bond with you in no time if you constantly talk and hug her. Keep trying

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How old is your LO? Just continue to bond with her and she will surely smile to you too.