The old folks were saying when a baby starts to smile, mother's hair start falling. Although it's a myth but true enough, my little one is coming to 4 month and has started to smile alot when we play with her and now my hair have started falling so badly. I think I will turn bald in 1 month time. So sad! Anything to stop hair falling?

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I don't think post pregnancy hair loss works that way. My daughter starts to smile at 2 months but my hair loss started only when she was around 3-4 months old. Don't worry about the hair loss mummy, it's only temporary. I personally think that there's no useful remedy currently after trying many hair loss shampoo. Just have to stay stress free and wait for the hair to grow back.

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Postpartum hair loss is common and occurs in about 50% of postpartum women. Continue eating a well balanced diet, eat more vitamins and reduce stress.

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I don't think there is anything to stop the hair fall as its due to the body and hormones changes. Continue to have a balanced diet that would help.

you won't become bald silly mummy! It will get better once baby turn 1 year old. It's the hormones that is changing!

Hair loss will get better once baby is about a year old. i don't believe in old wives tale.

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It's the hormonal changes! It will get better by the time your child turns 1year old