My LO is 7 months and when I leave or pass him to another person he don't seem to cry. Is it normal? I feel sad, even though I can relax but feel that my LO don't love me or want me. Anyone also can carry him and can make him smile. I so sad.. But I know is good LO is happy and easy going, still I am hurt deep inside because I don't feel special to LO.

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Normal. It's yet to come dear. They are just innocent and harmless babies. Soon I won't even want to go to anyone except you. By then you'll be screaming for help. Ahahaha. Don't worry. He loves you hun.

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Yes it's normal! Some babies separation anxiety develop at a later stage! Do enjoy now! It will get harder to drop bb to someone else as it goes!

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Its probably normal but I can totally understand what you mean. I would feel the same way too.

Enjoy your 5 minute breaks :) I'd love to swap positions with you. Take a chill fellow mummy