When your kids love his daddy & grandparent more than mummy..

Sometime it really make me feel heartbreaking when my kids push me away. My dad like to pampered my 22 mths old son. Always the one buy him toys, give whatever he ask for, if he fall down pain/not pain always carry him. His daddy who can bring him go anywhere to play also the one can play “rough” game with him (he feel more fun to play with). I always try to play with him, read him story books, help him with school activities. But when come to scolding i’m also the one scolding him. I know i’m a bad person to him. If I choose to ignore whatever he do I can also be the “nice” person.. then no one will correct him. I know some times i’m busy taking care my no. 2 and had lesser time to play with him but after hired a helper I did try to spend more time with him. But also after some time my no. 2 start to get closer to my helper & also she will push me away when I try to carry her.. how do I split myself into multiple so I can take care both equally.. 😩 I just feel sad even I do so much for them what I received is all these rejecting, ignore, being push away.. 😢 it makes me feel like a failure..

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I am rejected by my daughter for a very long time. I guess when no choice she still has to come to me. But she always complain me to the father haha.. but its ok la.. i have come to terms that since they r closer, it also means i can go out n have my own time 🤣🤣