Help...LO very cranky at night

LO is 6days old. She is well fed & sleeps pretty well during the day. However for the past 2-3nights she starts to be very cranky at about 10pm after feeding. We make sure she is clean, diapers changed, carry her for awhile & try to put her to sleep but she cry like nobody business when we put her to her cot (Sometimes even carrying her doesn't stop her from crying)!

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swaddle the baby,put 1 drop of ruyi oil to yr palm n rub it then apply to the tummy , also put the beansprout husk small pillow on the stomach,try playing lullaby music or white noise music, sing to her while carrying, when carry baby pat the butt gently,make sure baby deep slp then put dwn to the bed

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Swaddle baby! Im still doing it at 3 mths if baby keeps waking up. N yea put oil on tummy. Could be colic

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Check if your baby has colic and if this continues do bring her to the pediatrician

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Do check baby has any colic?

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It's a phase. Will over one.