My LO is currently 2 months old and recently, she refuses to be put down to her cot to sleep! Co-sleeping doesn't work as well and she only wants to be carried all the time. The only time she allows us to put her down is when we change her. Very tired of holding her all the time and is affecting my sleep. In the past, we will put her down when she is in deep sleep and it has worked well for the past 7 weeks. Any suggestions to revert back to putting her back into her cot when she is in deep sleep, or even better to put her down immediately when she is asleep?

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At 2 months old, babies only way of communicating is via their cries. I would recommend for you to be with her as much as she need. Are you currently bf? My baby is 3 months old and iam facing the same issues as you. In fact you are not alone, there are many mums who go through similar experiences. In the mean time its best to hang on. I know it must be really tough and tiring too, however it is part and parcel of being a new mum! Hang on mummy, you are not alone!

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Same here. I am also facing this problem. But we use rocking chair or yao lan to rock him to sleep .Sometime we play classical music with night show for him. Its not easy but as long as there is some movement or vibration it help a little so perhap you can try . I used to carry whole night and my baby is not small , he is really a big baby which is really heavy to carry .

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It's Normal. Just hug baby close to your heart and keep cuddling, make baby feel protected. Our baby also like that during 2 months, now she's 4 months occasionally also refuse to sleep when we coax her. It's a growing up stage most babies have to undergo I guess. Hang in there!

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Maybe you could try swaddle her or put her to a carrier. My lo is currently in the phase now. She is able to catch more sleep and I also have more time to do the house chores.

It's a phase every parents go through. Swaddle her, might work, though will stil require carrying and patting, but might be able to drift to sleep faster

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I feel you. It’s a normal phase. Have you tried swaddling your baby? She should feel more secure. Keep the room dark and cool. Play some white noise.

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Have you tried putting LO in a baby rockernor yaolan?


Try a sleep routine