12 day old newborn is cranky at night

My 12 day old newborn does not really sleep much even during the day. At night we start to prepare her for bed at about 10pm after feeding her. I mix breast milk with formula as I have very Low supply. She will fall asleep for awhile and wakes up crying and then we will have to make her sleep again and this takes us up to 1-2 hrs because she just won’t sleep soundly and then she is hungry and cries for milk again and the whole process repeats through the night. I am so stressed. Is there something wrong with her ? #advicepls #1stimemom #firstbaby #pleasehelp

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I experienced it too! Mine is baby boy and is always hungry! There were days I had no sleep (I refused to supplement with formula initially). That caused me to have the prenatal blues so my fam coaxed me to mix with formula. It gets better aft I get boob massage and found out tt mine wasn't really a low supply but prob lies with massive blocked ducts. Baby also got over the growth spurt phase. Frm the 4th wk onwards, I started to try a new routine: formula milk at 8pm, then bathe him, before breastfeeding him to slp. Miraculously he cld slp longer hrs this way. Typically from 11pm or 12am all the way to 5 or 6am.

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Or it could be a growth spurt stage. So she's cranky even during the day. Before that, I believe she's doing well right? You may double check with your pd about it as well. My baby just went through his first round of growth spurt last week and it sounds similar to what you described. We are expecting 2nd round of growth spurt next week. He's now 3rd day of week 5. Also, u may increase volume but be careful of not overfed if not she may vomit out and make her more uncomfortable. You can do it 💪

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2y ago

I am a first time parent too and it happened to me about 2 weeks ago. My son too, hardly sleeps in the day and keeps crying at night. It was difficult to put him to sleep. I think it was the growth spurt that caused this. It would go off in a few days. In the mean time, continue to feed the about 60ml every 2h. Try to cuddle and lullaby your baby. I’m not sure if you would consider using a pacifier too to soothe your daughter. Hang in there mummy, you got this.

Hi. You can try Bidara Balm from Susuk Manja. add up ig @relief_cough.flu.fever_kids. you can read the reviews from the highlights. it works wonder for my baby. he was a cranky baby from newborn. i got to know about this balm a month after he was born. gave it a try and no more sleepless nights for me due to his crankiness. only wake up for feeds 2 times. after 2 months plus, he slept through the night until now. i practice applying the balm before his bedtime.

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Colic or probably an uncomfortable stomach. Try to do a gentle massage on her tummy before putting baby to sleep. See if there's any difference. Otherwise, feeding may not be sufficient for her so try to increase the volume a bit. But newborns normally wakes up 1-3 hrs for feed.

Normal po yung stage na ganyan kase nag aadjust pa po sila. Try mo sya place sa dibdib mo, guston kase nila na naririnig yung hearbeat. Pa latch ka lang pa latch (unli-latch) para dumami supply po and stay hydrated lang po.

2y ago

Sorry can u translate into English please thank you.

I had similar experience. Try using swaddle even if baby appears not to like it, and try to have an earlier bedtime.


it might be a growth spurt or colic. you can download wonder weeks app it helps alot