1st & 2nd period after miscarriage.

Hi. Would like to know how was ur period for 1st n 2nd cycle after miscarriage? Is it clotty? As im passing clots out during period and ive never had it before i miscarriage. Is this normal? Fyi, I had a natural miscarriage 2 months back and gynae had alrdy scan to check it alrdy.

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Hi.. ive had a mc last jan 2021, a wk aft knwing im preg. Flushed out blood for 2wks.. then my next cycle seems normal, 5-7 days on menses.. then currently, menses cycle seems odd. starts of normally, spotting then next day, gradually pours out. 2nd day was super heavy, no clots btw. 3rd day morning, flow was ok. comes aftnn till night, nt a single drop. next day, not a stain on my pad. anyone else had this experience? is it normal? shud i get it checked? it kinda freaks me out.

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My first cycle aft first time miscarriage recently was like normal period but with little with no clots. So like very slight tissue-like like clot. My doc didnt do any cleanup when i check cz I've completed my miscarriage naturally without any leftovers.

I didn't have lots of clots. After my miscarriage, my gynae cleaned/washed up my womb. My period was slightly heavier than usual for the first month after miscarriage but still ok.

I had clots for my first period after my miscarriage. But I usually will have small clots during my period.

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Hmm i didnt have alot of clots. Did ur gynae do cleaning up? The do GA and clean me up