1st & 2nd period after miscarriage.

Hi. Would like to know how was ur period for 1st n 2nd cycle after miscarriage? Is it clotty? As im passing clots out during period and ive never had it before i miscarriage. Is this normal? Fyi, I had a natural miscarriage 2 months back and gynae had alrdy scan to check it alrdy.

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My first cycle aft first time miscarriage recently was like normal period but with little with no clots. So like very slight tissue-like like clot. My doc didnt do any cleanup when i check cz I've completed my miscarriage naturally without any leftovers.

I didn't have lots of clots. After my miscarriage, my gynae cleaned/washed up my womb. My period was slightly heavier than usual for the first month after miscarriage but still ok.

I had clots for my first period after my miscarriage. But I usually will have small clots during my period.

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Hmm i didnt have alot of clots. Did ur gynae do cleaning up? The do GA and clean me up