Follow up check after miscarriage

Went for my follow up check after a natural miscarriage but no scanning of womb was done. Only urine test which hcg turned out to be negative. Anyone else had no scanning done as well? Or is it better to go for a scan to check if there are any blood clots left inside? It was also the start of my period yesterday.

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I remember many yrs ago I had a natural miscarriage, went to KKH, did a scan to see if it's confirmed to be a miscarriage. Had another miscarriage 2 yrs ago and also a natural one where my sac was in the toilet bowl. Supposed to go for D&C the next day and nope, I did not have a scan. The department called me and I told them what happened so I dom't need to come down to check. I stopped bleeding after that and had my normal menses after 2 weeks. Just take note if you're bleeding very heavily like your pad is soaked and you need to frequently change it then head down to see a dr. Might have some left inside and need to clear out.

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2y ago

Thank you for the reply! Okay will take note

it's usual practice to just have blood or urine test to track the HCG level. as long as the number is decreasing each time and reach zero or close to zero, it's fine. meaning you manage to clear your womb. the sac is too small to be monitored via the ultrasound