anybody miscarriage before?

Hi, just had a miscarriage last month. I was on my 7th week when i miscarried. Already had my 1st cycle of period.. but nowadays im always feeling fatigue, dizzy, super bloated & sometimes i try to vomit but all that comes out is "air" or sometimes the acid frm my tummy.. idk what is wrong.. but im feeling so uncomfortable ever since the miscarriage. Family Doc gave me omeprazole & antacid saying its probably bloatedness.. it helps for awhile but the gas in my tummy never ends.. im always drinking ginger tea too. Alrdy had blood tests done & doc says results is normal. I dont have any vitamin deficiency. I had a natural complete miscarriage btw as ive alrdy had my scan by my gynae. Anybody feel this way after a natural miscarriage? What should i do? Pls advice....

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Hi... we’re sorry to learn of this sad news. You might find this article informative