Chances of pregnancy after miscarriage?

I had a missed misscarriage 2 months back. I had my period last month but I am 3 days late for period this month. I did the pregnancy test yesterday and it came positive. Is it actually pregnancy or can this be false positive because of miscarriage 2 months back? Anyone experienced this before ?

Chances of pregnancy after miscarriage?
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the lines are very dark, likely you are pregnant since you also tested on clearblue digital too.. can go gp to get a blood test to confirm too..

likely pregnant.. HCG won't be high after miscarriage ..... but do go to doctor for blood test to confirm


Likely pregnant! call your gyane and they will see you in a couple of weeks time. Congratulations!!

This happened to me too and I’m 4 months in now (: good to visit a gynae just to be sure

2y ago

So having a miscarriage earlier doesn’t mean that when you conceive again, it might happen still ? I am just really worried 😟

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Congratulations! Time to book appointment.

clear blue more accurate

2y ago

Okay thanks a lot. I did clear blue digital test as well and it shows 2 to 3 weeks pregnant


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Congrats! 🥳

Try using Clearblue?

2y ago

It came positive with clear blue too