Do you let your baby crawl around the house on the floor? Or must it be on mat?

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Super Mum

I let her crawl on the play mat (within the play yard) and on the bed, because I’m there watching her. I’m scared to let her roam free. Even 1 second of me being distracted can result in an accident. But if your house is fully baby proofed, then you may be comfortable with baby crawling on the floor

Super Mum

I don’t let LO crawl around the house. Worried that she might bump her head or put things in her mouth. I put her in a play yard and play mat.

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On the mat and on the bed. My girl crawls like a pro on bare floor though but too risky...

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Floor is fine after he's more stable, but never without supervision

On the mat at first then all around the house after he got stable

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Initially on the mat but later crawl everywhere

Super Mum

Around the house.. Actually depends on you.


I let baby crawl all over