Should I let my baby crawl on the floor? She just started crawling

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Why not ? Not outdoors like in shopping malls ( I wouldn't though )

Yes of course. It's safest to crawl on the floor (or mat). My baby crawls all over the house and especially loves hiding under tables and chairs lol Pls remember once your baby is mobile, never ever leave them unattended on your bed. Many times we think they can't crawl out, but they do!

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Yes you should , just let ur baby try to crawl everywhere

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My baby crawls on the playmat or on the mattress for now. She's about 7 months - soon I will let her crawl around her room (we just baby proofed it)

Yes you should! Initially my baby hesitated to crawl on the floor, she was ok to crawl on mattress but after putting her down on floor several times she is fine with it now. If you don't let her crawl on floor are you doing to pull the playmat wherever she goes or have the house carpeted? Babies are actually hardier than we think so occasionally we should let them "rough it up" but with safety precautions. Once she starts to cruise you need to make sure you are behind her whenever she crawls anywhere in case she falls backwards. If you want to protect her knees you can get the knee protectors for her too. Also be careful of the dangers of furniture that may topple over, loose cabinet door, small things which she may swallow and are placed near the floor and of course try to mop the floor everyday. Enjoy the phase !

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