Do you let your 6 months going 7 months eat this puff? My husband brought it and my LO loves it. My LO have 2 tiny teeth not yet fully grown but my LO can chew abit. I wondering if it's bad LO?

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Many parents love this, but I personally didn't give to my son because of its sugar and ingredient content that I was just not comfortable with - nothing wrong with giving it though, I'm just the picky and strict kind when it comes to packaged foods for him (to give you context, there was only 3 types of packaged snacks I ever allowed him to have - he's 25 months old now). It's usually meant for 8-9 months old when they start crawling and meets the criteria (you can read the labels on the bottle, they have guidelines on when your child is ready to have it) stated on the bottle - but these melt easily so there's not much risk. However do note not to give too many in a day, usually there's a guideline on how many maximum a day written on the bottle as well!

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Ya! If he can bite on it, den ok! My boy choked on it when he was around this age. He started learning to bite it n swallow without choking when he was about 8 months plus old.

when your LO is ready to chew. i tried giving my LO around 6 months, he coughed while eating gerber puffs. from 8 months, he is able to chew easily without coughing.

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This is quite safe, u can try urself, easily melt with silva. Another type u can give is yogurt melt, baby this age love it too.

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I think it’s alright but give in moderation. Too much of anything is unhealthy.

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yes its ok. just let bubs drink more water this puff will melt easily.

fresh food and homemade stuffs are better. there is sugar in the content.

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I gave to my bubs. But i control the intake. it gets addictive to them

Didn’t know it’s bad. I think if not excessively it’s fine

it okay. but not something i prefer. i don't fancy snacks.