Aching Back

Lately my back has been aching regularly and it's always the same spot, under the shoulder blade on the left. I ask hubby to massage then it gets better but always comes back a few days later. It's not unbearable pain just annoying that it keeps coming back. What can I do aside from massage?

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You can use a tennis ball to massage that area, you overuse your shoulder blade and it's a muscle strain. If massage don't over press it as it gets swollen and worst. Massage it gentle with the tennis ball with massage oil.

I went to chiro. Works wonders! I just went for my second adjustments just now.

I tried chinese remedy.. du zhong soup. It helps ease the discomfort

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Do ask your Dr for medication if the pain gets too unbearable

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Some muscle ach u may try for stretchables better

acupuncture, heat therapy

Can try pre natal massage

Prenatal yoga stretches!

Try prenatal massage

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Not much