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Hi Mommies, can I ask if we still need to eat folic acid at 12 weeks, the small yellow tablet? Or we stop at 12 weeks and just eat the obimin and fish oil from 12 weeks onwards?

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what does your gynae adviced you? my gynae gave me prenatal dha (which contains folic acid as well) from week 12 onwards. best to seek your gynae advice and not do self googling or depends on other ppl's opinion. your gynae know your condition best so yeah.

Doctor gave me obimin and vit D. Stopped folic acid (yellow tablet) at the end of my 12 weeks and start my obimin. Didnt take the Vit D. I gave it to my husband 🤭

can actually stop the folic acid already, because from week 12 need the vitamins already.. obimin and fish oil are good enough

Obimin actually contains folic too.. so you can stop with folic acid pill and just take on I’m and fish oil

Best to ask gynae. Mine still prescribe me folic acid.

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Obimin already have folic so can stop already

Follow ur gynae advice

Obimin and fish oil.

I take till birth