When to start taking Obimin, fish oil and Calcium meds

Hi mummies. I'm quite confused about whether I should start taking my Obimin, fish oil and Calcium carbonate meds now, which the pharmacist advised me to start taking in 2nd trim. If based on my LMP, I'm 12 weeks 2 days today. But according to my last ultrasound scan 2 weeks, my baby grew faster then expected so the gynae adjusted my weeks, and that makes me 13 weeks today. I'm still left with about 8 days of folic acid. Should I cont finish the folic acid or start taking the 2nd trim medication now? I heard the Obimin, fish oil and Calcium are very impt.

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Follow your ultrasound not your LMP (which are normally not accurate) & that makes you in the 2nd tri today. If you've taken the folic acid today and if all those supplements are prescribed by your gynae then you can start taking them tomorrow. Stop taking the folic acid when you have start with all the other supplements.

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